About Us

Dynamic initiative Consult (DIC) is the fastest burgeoning firm in the turf of Information and communication technology, human capital and management consulting, and project management. The company is structured to creatively provide lasting solutions to the major demands of her clients using the dynamisms of information and communication technology through customization of software, mobile app, training, seminars, responsive web design and web solutions.

More reason why Dynamic Initiative Consult is built round a strong team of young vigorous, purposeful, well equipped, enthusiasm, resourceful and visionary experts who are both able to get things going and to get things done perfectly in time. We deliver results that fuel breakthrough growth and substantial gains in profitability as well as positive impact during turbulent periods to our clients. This and many more makes satisfying your needs our outmost priority.

We are structured to facilitate effective change through an eagle eye into a future of unknown certainties by soaring higher against all limitations to breaking barriers, making the impossible possible and creating the relevant life you desire to live with support from effective management, information and communication technology.

Our Vision

To sustain the digital community with hi-tech software solutions

Our Mission

  • To help organization achieve set goals through relevant and applicable software production, developing people and building team
  • To help organization make strategic adjustments to anticipate continuous change in customers' needs and counter tactics by competitors
  • To build strategies around information-driven concepts that generate results from the power of analytics of all flavors, such as segmentation and regression analysis, and especially predictive analytics


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