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Web Design

The advent of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as made the world a global village. Hence, individual and organization who strife for excellent and desire to have a relevant and steady growth most take a good advantage of ICT, especially through the Internet. To further improve the functionality, network, accessibility and marketing of your organization, a major means by which these lofty ideals are being achieved all over the world is by means of websites. A website tells more about your organization and makes it accessible from any part of the world. It is an effective method to selling ideas, disseminating information, making transactions, getting feedbacks and making global links without distant limitation and efficiently cost effective. A website for your organization portrays a picture to the world that you are technologically inclined and this will give room for more business opportunities. Much can be said about the values the website as brought to the world. The best way to appreciate it is when your organization becomes a part. Experts are on ground at dynamic initiative consult to give a befitting, colorful and secured website that will give your organization the branding you desired.

Software Development

One thing we do best among many others at Dynamic Initiative Consult is to solving problems through the customization of hi- tech software development that will help you and your organization do what you need to do better, easier, more accurate and faster. Our group of professionals in software engineering is groomed to properly analyze, customize, design, develop, test and document software for individuals or organization based on your requirements and other specifications that will be suitable for the smooth running of your day-to-day transactions. With the view to effectively minimize cost of production while maximizing profit, customized software becomes an answer. Hence, your ability to inform us about what you do, what you want to do or how you want things to be done, makes our job easily to produce a tested and trusted driven software that will fit your purpose in a short period. Therefore, be part of this indispensible gift software production as offered you and your best successful days are just beginning.

ICT Training

If all you know now are all you think you needed to know to live your dreamed life then you have restricted yourself to the zero point of the level of success which the future holds. Knowledge is life and the extent to which you acquire knowledge, depends on how far you go in life. At dynamic Initiative Consult, we give comprehensive training in the simplest presentation to the best of student’s understanding. Our Resource persons are patient, experts, diligent and dedicated to their duties. Evident of our success are reflecting through our trained hundreds of individual, corporate bodies, Nongovernmental Organization, etc. we offer effectual training in the following

  1. Software development using Object Oriented programming languages like VB.Net, Java, C-Sharp, MySQL, MSSQL
  2. Web Design and Web Administration using AASP.Net, ASP.Net, CSS, MSSQL, MySQL, PHP, IIS, and Web Hosting: C Panel and Win Host.
  3. Computer Appreciation and Desktop Publishing.

Moreso, Dynamic Initiative Consult provide support for project difficulties, offers personal and corporate training while we also give inspiring seminars to organizations, religious centers, governmental and nongovernmental organization alongside any society who wants to use the latest updates in the world of information and communication technology to motivating their employees, solving today’s problems and making a projection into a future filled with possibilities. Rich information and her direct application is all you need to make all your needs met.

Management Consultancy

At dynamic Initiative Consult, we helps institutions to build leaders with vision and insight that will inspire them to answer “Where do we want to go?” and we help to communicate strategies to managers and employees through empowerment with positive result analytical tools for workforce to correctly answer, “How will we get there?”

Our management team is structured round great minds, goal oriented risk takers, well to do planners, resourceful and visionary experts whom are members of high quality international managerial professional bodies and men who have much zeal to see a perfect society where thing work well. We have proposed to take the lead in the world of change information and we are guided to make a difference.

An excellent performance requires an excellent training from an excellent institution like dynamic initiative consult with experts who are passionate to make you have a well structured management team, well equipped and oriented employees alongside satisfied clients. Therefore, allow your institution to be part of today’s excellent knowledge and beat the train that is heading for peak performance.

Services Overview

Mobile App Development
Software development
Responsive Web design and web solutions
System Networking
21st Century ICT Training
ICT Management Consultancy
Smart Card Automation
Online Web/Mobile Payment
Web Service implementation
Mobile Applications
Process Automation and Documentation
IT Supplies and IT Asset delivery


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